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Suzuki 60hp Jet Pump Only

Suzuki 60hp Jet Pump Only

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Outback Boats 60hp Outboard Jet to fit Suzuki 60hp and 50hp 15" Outboard Motors.

Comes with pump to leg adapter to suit the Suzuki motor, water pump adapter plate to allow the factory engine cooling water pump to be run. Fitted with stainless impeller and aluminum intake. Polyurethane intakes are are available. Comes with all the fasteners required for fitting the jet.

Tiller Steer models fitted with reverse bucket, reverse cable to connect to factory tiller reverse lever. 

Console Steering (Nozzle) Our Console Steering (Nozzle) Jet Pump is fitted with a jet boat ball nozzle for fast, light and balanced steering. When paired up with our steering console there is less than 1/2 a turn to go from lock to lock. The unit is fitted with a top mount ducted reverse, muffler and a hardox 450 protector plate. Lock up brackets are supplied for the motor to stop it turning side to side allowing the nozzle to do all the steering, but still allows the motor to kick up if it strikes a rock. Modified engine mounts are supplied. Modified throttle butterfly parts are supplied to allow integration with a foot throttle. A mount bracket is installed to support the steering and reverse cables which bolts to the jet and motor. 

This is a medium sized pump.

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