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Extreme 47 Tiller Steer Package

Extreme 47 Tiller Steer Package

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The Outback Boats Extreme 47 Package is the perfect choice for traversing rocky rivers and shallow waters. Boasting a design that enables you to navigate small and large  rivers, lakes, and even the sea, this boat offers the best of all worlds for the adventurous spirit, The Extreme 47 allows you to explore with confidence.

The Extreme 47 SIB (soft inflatable boat) Hull 4.7m long and can be fitted with a 30hp 2-stroke tiller, 50hp 2-stroke tiller or nozzle steering and 60hp 4-stroke tiller or nozzle steering.

Manufactured in New Zealand from heavy duty polyurethane fabrics, constructed with high frequency welding.

Our materials selection and manufacturing techniques come from 30 years of experience manufacturing white water rafts for the private and tourism sectors along with a number of other marine applications. A lot of these application are high abrasion, impact and UV exposure with a number of the commercial rafts running multiple river trips per day and being left out in the elements 24/7.

From this experience we have been able to select the most robust and UV resistant fabrics to produce an inflatable jet tunnel hull that will far out last anything else available on the market.

Our Inflatable Jet Tunnel Hulls were developed from extensive prototyping, river impact and abrasion testing. We have created a robust boat with great performance characteristics. 

The hull has a Materials and Workmanship warranty of 3 years.

Standard features include:

- Jet tunnel formed into the underside of the hull.

- Welded Ibeam floor construction.

- Variable dead rise hull which runs super shallow but has softer ride in the chop and white water.  Has better tracking and trim than our competitors constant dead rise hulls.

- Increased cornering grip, our hulls have by far the most cornering grip in the SIB inflatable jet boat market.

- Safety valves fitted to floor and (x4) main tube compartments.

- Welded main tube and top tube construction.

- Additional armour fitted to rear of main tubes (Hi impact zone).

- Top tubes fitted.

- Two padded bench seats that bolt in to our position adjustable rails.

- Foot pump.

- Patch kit.

- Kick up limit rope.

- Extended fuel line mounted to boat which allows you to run the fuel tank at the front or rear of the boat.

- Inflated Length 4.7m, width 1.95m.

We can fit one of the following motors for a turnkey package Tohatsu 30hp 2-stroke tiller, Tohatsu 50hp 2-stroke Tiller or Console (nozzle) steering, Suzuki 60hp 4-stroke Tiller or Console (nozzle) steering.

Our console steer models are fitted with 1/2 a turn lock to lock steering that is very light weight and balanced with ducted top mount reverse bucket and foot throttle.

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