SOLAR-380 Jet Tunnel, Base Hull
SOLAR-380 Jet Tunnel, Base Hull

Solar Inflatable Jet Hulls

SOLAR-380 Jet Tunnel, Base Hull

Code SH380SJT

Dimensions Length 3.8m x Width 1.75m x Tube Diameter 0.45m



Solar 380 Jet Tunnel

Designed and Manufactured in Russia for the rocky and shallow rivers. Made to last in the harsh Russian conditions. The 380 Jet Tunnel is easy to manhandle.

The 380 is a good option for transporting in light aircraft, camper and caravans or SUVs.

- Cockpit dimensions - Length 2.6m x Width 0.8m x Depth  0.37m.

- Pack dimensions boat in bag - Length 1.4m x Width 0.55m x Height  0.44m.

- Passengers - 4 max

- Max Outboard horsepower/Weight - 30hp/79kg

This Package Includes:

- Base 380 Jet Tunnel Hull

Optional Extras

- Polyurethane bottom armour

- Top tubes with front cover 

- Trim tabs with shock absorbers 

- Set up, motor mounting and test running boat,  

All prices include gst